Monday, September 26, 2016

Labor Day Weekend

We spent Labor Day weekend, and our anniversary, up at the river with Mo and Papa Mox. It was such a treat to spend three days with them. As they noted, it's not often we all get some one-on-one time together. The weather was perfect for fishing and sitting by the river. As usual, we ate good food, talked a lot, and just relaxed. Oh, and we fished a lot, which the pictures prove!

Would love to know what Leo was telling Mo!

Brother and sister fishing.

Learning how to cast.

The beauty of the river and happy kids means I took a lot of fishing pictures!

Papa caught a big one!

Sneaky smile.

Practicing her gymnastics skills.

Still the river this time.

Papa lit the fire with style.

And, then ran as he sent the Christmas tree up in flames.

Now, that's a fire.

Love the smoke in the sunshine.

LOVE this one. Papa, Mo, and their babies.

Wine on the river to celebrate our anniversary. Perfection.

Thanks, again, Mo and Papa for spending time with us and sharing the long weekend!!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Last Days of Summer

I have so many photos from our last weeks of summer, and they are finally making it to the blog today. They're in some semblance of chronological order...I think!

A few weeks before school, Anna and I had a day of school shoe shopping and lunch. This girl (I'm not referring to me) loves to shop for shoes!

Her new Vans. So cute, I had to try them in my size, but they weren't nearly as cute when they were big.

Pizza lunch at Bigalora.

Just looking sweet.

Leo and I had a little one-on-one time, too, when Anna took a quick trip to Mo D's. We had a picnic at the park, he came to acupuncture with me, and we played trains at Barnes and Noble (his request). 

Meanwhile at Mo D's, Anna was busy crafting...

Crossing the monkey bars...

And creating new costumes.

Leo and I also picked raspberries...

And made raspberry pie for Mo D's upcoming birthday (Leo played with the leftover dough).

With one week left before Anna had to return to school, we tried to fit in as much fun as we could. So we took a trip to SkyZone.

And, we checked out a new park.

Somewhere in there, Blake and I went to see Billy Joel in Chicago, and when we returned, we celebrated Mo's birthday with that raspberry pie Leo and I made the weekend before.

And, then school started for Anna...

And, we started getting up at 6am, early enough to catch the sunrise.

Leo still had two weeks before his school started, so he and I had A LOT of time to spend together. Since we had so much time after dropping Anna at 7:45am, we made the trek all the way to "The Farther Park" in Ypsi, close to where we used to live. It was Anna's favorite when she was young and living there.

This started happening a lot, on the way to pick Anna up from school.

Leo has been loving his Rainbow time as well.

Leo and I took a lot of walks.

And more car naps. He's just too cute.

And another walk by the horse farm.

A quick stop at Leo's school to meet his new teachers one day before his official start.

Then another picnic at the park.

And, bowling...his request before the start of school. 

Sunday, September 18, 2016

First Days of School

Anna is already three weeks into school, and Leo finished his first week of school on Thursday.

We are all still adjusting to the change in schedule, but it seems like it's going to be a great year as far as teachers, classmates, and learning are concerned! 

I'm loving these first day of school pictures...except for the fact that they are both looking so much older! They are getting taller everyday. 

Anna's first day...
She wanted to make her own sign with rainbow colors for her first day. It says Anna, First Day of 3rd Grade somewhere in there!

And, Leo's first day of school (last Tuesday)...

This smile cracks me up. 

Off he goes...