Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Girls' Weekend, 2016

Another year, another amazing reunion with my dear friends from college. We met in Saugatuck nearly three weeks ago, not far from our our college home of Holland. We made and enjoyed amazing food and drinks together, we talked until we could not keep our eyes open, we laughed (REALLY laughed!), cried, danced, and shopped. I feel so fortunate to have these girls in my life. As always, I'm looking forward to our next gathering...New Orleans, here we come!

Friday night's spread (Betsy's lima bean dip is AMAZING).

Outdoor patio, fire, cocktails, friends.

Jess, Rach, and I took a run to the beach Saturday morning. 

I took my time, walking on the way back, enjoying the views.

On our way out for the afternoon.

We took a break to listen to some live music at one of our old haunts, Coral Gables, after shopping around Saugatuck in the afternoon.

Outside Coral Gables.

Thankfully, there were nice people willing to take our picture...multiple times!

Saturday night dinner was delicious.

Another group shot. Forty looks good on us!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Change is Good

Hair cut day yesterday for these kiddos! Anna decided to go for a big change - she cut off more than eight inches, enough that she could donate it to Locks of Love. She never wavered, certain the entire time that she wanted to go very short. She loves it! 

Before and after.

No idea why Leo looks so sad here...he loved his hair cut, too!


Saturday, July 30, 2016

Visit with Aunt Kaity

Going back in time again to a couple of weeks ago when Aunt Kaity visited from Colorado. We couldn't make it up north when she first arrived, because I was away at my annual girls' weekend, but Anna, Leo, and I made the trip for one night before she had to leave. Lots of pictures to tell of our (too short!) visit...

We took a couple of boat rides. Anna is NOT a boat lover, but she stayed with it, wanting to see Aunt Kaity wakeboard and wanting to swim off the boat. Also, I can't seem to get them BOTH to smile in one picture at the same time. I can see Leo in this one.

And Anna in this one.

Chilling. Perfectly happy to go as fast as allowed in the boat. Anna preferred to slow down, or even stop to swim.

He, obviously, also enjoyed driving the boat (and didn't want any help doing it). 

Taking a coloring break.

Bonfire and s'mores.

A moment of affection before another battle.

Another picture!? You can tell we're thrilled!

She's pretty amazing! Kaitlyn got all the athletic genes in the family!

Swimming off the boat. Leo is not with her...he decided he did not like swimming with a life jacket in the middle of the lake.

Taking a turn driving.

Giving Mom some love.